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A Streak of Great Bottles

December 1, 2010











The Jimenez-Landi was exceptionally lusty. In a great way. It held up the 2nd day very well with a sweet pepperiness. The Schlenkerla Helles Lager is just perfect. I want jugs of the stuff around. The Mikkeller Simcoe was solid and expressively grapefruity, but I’m personally not a fan of the style.











Way good. Pure, balanced, 13.5%abv and flat out delicious. Underrated.











Lighter than expected from Pic St. Loup – but in a good, almost Beaujolais-like way. Carbonic and fruity and gluggable. Solid weekday value.











I haven’t had a US Pinot for years. This worked. Enough funk and acid to keep it overblown. Fairly elegant but a bit darker-toned.











Separated at birth. Both so lean and mineral – with the Keller skewing slightly more tropical and peachy and the Arnot-Roberts Chard going into green apple territory. The length on the Chardonnay was really something. These guys are doing fantastic things in Califonria.

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