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July 25, 2010

VdT: Siete 7, Navarra 2008 (domino label): Blackberries in a glass, with a whiff of smoke, pine and clay. Great freshness and vibrancy. It’s taken a lot of French wine to get me to appreciate the kind of pleasure this offers. This is wine about having fun. Wish it came in magnums.

Benito Santos Albarino Igrexario De Saiar 2008: White peaches, chalk and lime. Lean, Muscadet like, with brine and minerals– but slightly fuller on the palate. Day 2 was even more complete, long and minerally. Serious – I’d love to see how this ages.

Bermejo Lanzarote Rosado 2009: So much fruit! So much soil! This feels like a martian Beaujolais. The vineyards LOOK like Mars. Stunning color. What is this stuff, and how can I get more, methinks. Ever-so-slightly bitter in the finish balanced the fruit and just made me want to take another sip. Probably the most elegant bottle glass I’ve seen – with a tiny spout to pour. More of this nectar is an order this summer – and I can’t wait to try the other wines. Bravo Jose Pastor! Bravo Canary Islands!

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