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Recent Drinks

March 1, 2010

Clot de L’oum St Bart 2007: Too tight right now, but great large-scale structure and potential. Cleaner  and more concentrated than the Papillons cuvee. Great mineral finish. Give it 5 years…
Joncier Lirac Classique 2006: Pruney and bizarrely like Rhum Agricole with a caney-sugariness. Fat and strange.
Texier – Vaison la Romaine 2007: Awesome…Juicy, fresh, accessible, but not simple. Outstanding finesse and balance for the vintage/price. My new favorite Cotes-du-Rhone.

Knebel Riesling Trocken 2008: Bone-dry and beautiful crystal clarity – like a glass dart on the palate. Lime, apple, white peach and electricity. I love this trocken style – it feels oh-so-intentional. It is what it is, not sweet riesling with the sugar fermented out.

Pierre Frick Riesling Steinert 2005: Sweet crown cap. This just started to sing at about anhour open. Pretty dry and lean. A little VA-ish funk, but clarity, purity, Green apples and minerality that goes on and on. Gone too soon…if only it were a little less expensive, but what the hell, its a Grand Cru!?

Clemens Busch Vom Roten Sheifer 2006: Big, lusty Riesling. Deep dark peaches and red fruits with a wild fringe of flowers and rocks. Halbtrocken and ripped with fruit that goes all over the place. Exciting stuff and a producer I will be dipping into again – hopefully into the drier offerings.

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