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A Bunch of Quick Tasting Notes of Late

January 25, 2010

Pinon Vouvray ‘Cuvee Tradition’ 2008: Exceptional. Tongue-tingling acid-sweet balance – Perfectly sec-tendre. Quince, ruby-grapefruit, chalk, and wax. A little sassier than the ’07s.

G Schueller Gewurztraminer ‘Cuvee Particuliere’ 2005: Lychee and orange cream-sicle, with a waft and fresh flowers and funk and red apples. Some sugar, but nothing out of whack.

G Schueller Gewurztraminer 2006: Ridiculously aromatic – Rose gardens for miles. Similar, but bigger, richer and sturdier than the ‘Cuvee Particuliere’.  More heat, but maintains a great balance. This isn’t going anywhere for awhile. 3 days open, it was still interesting. I definitely find a lot to like in the few of Schueller’s wines I’ve tasted, though the Gewurztraminers  seem a little less versatile than the Rieslings.

JB Brun Terres Dorees Beaujolias Blanc 2008: Lean, with green apple, peachpits and fresh apricot. It seems a little softer than the 07s, but still light-years away from anything tropical or buttery. This is so clean and pure – it’s a stripped down, honest version of Chardonnay, and one of the finest under $20.

JP Brun Terres Dorees Cote-du-Brouilly 2008: Started slow and simple, this picked up some serious steam after a few hours open. Dark-red-fruited Gamay, with time gained power and a plusher texture. Super-drinkable.

Chateau d’Oupia Minervois 2008: Showed very uninspired and flat. An odd bottle, or maybe tough vintage?

Texier Cotes du Rhone Brezeme 2007: Classic, classy Syrah. Meaty, with wild thyme, licorice, and dark fruit – but light on its feet. With time, a great earthy, umami component emerged. Enjoy with a smokey stew.

Texier Cotes du Rhone Villages Vaison-La-Romaine: Very generously black-fruited, open and accessible, but smartly balanced with spicy/savory flavors and fresh acids. This wine is clearly made with great care – an excellent grenache, coming from I, who was almost ready to write-off the varietal all-together this past summer for its goopy-nitro tendencies.

Bocella ‘Rasott’ Campi Taurasini 2006: Damn fine, and singing with dried herbs, soy sauce, bittersweet chocolate, cedar, and black cherries. Chewy and full of murky sediment. Fantastic with braised beef shanks. 

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  1. January 27, 2010 3:45 am

    Thanks for sharing the tasting notes. JP Brun Terres Dorees Cote-du-Brouilly 2008 seems to be good. Should taste it this weekend.

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