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Two bottles that I didn’t want to end.

November 6, 2009

LAPIERRE Morgon 2007, and the PEPIERE Clos de Briords 2008...

I opened the Briords, had a glass and it was drum tight. I put it in the fridge for 3 days. Kinda forgot about it. Opened it, still incredibly concentrated – but now it developed a filigree around the edges, with minerals, lime zest, white flowers, chalk, wax, wool, etc.  And it kept improving over 3-4 hours – softening around the  edges, but never losing its freshness and cut. Amazing.

The Morgon had a similar vein of absolute purity and freshness. This was the “S” version, which I believe received a minor S02 treatment. This is my first LAPIERRE, and sure as heck wont be my last. It had the honesty and vigor like Puzelat’s Gamays, but was just cleaner and purer to my palate. Ruby-colored yet deceptively layered with 5-spiced-cherries and gravel.  It became fleshier with time, but never lost its directness – Like a poet working on a poem that didn’t get longer over time, just more incisive. I love it.


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