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Party Wines!

July 22, 2009

Summertime is party time. It’s also riesling time.

Jakob Schneider Riesling Kabinett, 2007

This 1 liter bottle of wine is laughably generous in terms of fruit and quality (and quantity). Even out of a plastic cup, the fruit was like a light saber rising up. Dense and very tropical, with vibrant acids, a nip of sweet ripeness, and a Nahe mineral backbone. Clear cherry and minty notes surround the fruit. I don’t know why Riesling is so polarizing – this is so accessible and a pure pleasure to drink. If this bottle was on an endcap with a label that said  “chardonnay” and had a kitten or something on it, thousands of people would be tricked and converted this summer.


Chaussard, You Are So Nice! Gamay and Côt/Malbec, 2007

The Chaussard was unexpectedly stingy on the fruitside, but did show a bit of fresh pomegranate and pepper character. I’d like to try another bottle (hopelessy un-distributed in my parts) to see if my bottle was compromised. The acidity was invigorating nonetheless, probably bolstered by the addition of Gamay.  Lean but casual – this is so incredibly far from “Malbec” you’d never think they’re related. I’m sure the label is biasing me, but this wine has an underlying honesty and welcomed rusticity. Fire up the grill and put a light chill on this bottle for summer fun.

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