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2 okay reds…

May 1, 2009

Mongeard-Mugneret Bourgogne Rouge 2006, ~$20: I’m not buying any more Burgundy that has the words Pinot Noir on the label.  This was just okay wine; it had acidity, a typically pinot nose of strawberries, a little minerality on the finish, but the mouthfeel was really uninspired and a little thin. There was a roughness to the tannins that made for an awkward finish. I kept it alive for 3 days, and while it didn’t fall apart, it didn’t get much better than the initial pour.  I’ve got a  bunch of Cru Beaujolais that could out-point this effort for 3-5 bucks cheaper.


Terra di Vento Petrale Aglianico 2006 ~$14: This had a little more going on  – but also had simple nose (black cherries and maybe brick dust). Nothing wrong with simplicity – especially under $20, but Aglianico’s greatest characterictic (imho) is its complex and alluring nose.  Medium bodied, and on the fresher side of the spectrum – meant to be enjoyed younger I believe. The finish seemed a bit hotter than I’d expected – but overall an improvement over the ‘burg in terms of the palate quality and drinkability. I’ve got another bottle I’d like to pair with something hearty and beefy, to see where that takes it. Okay+.

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