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Alberto Longo, “Capoposto”, 2005

March 9, 2009


~$20US, 100% Negroamaro, Puglia, Italy

Puglia (the heel of Southern Italy) continues to deliver values for those willing to eschew ‘Grandeur of Terroir‘ for good drinkin’ wines.  You often hear the words “rustic” thrown around when describing some of the indiginous wines of the region- and nothing could be further from the truth with the Capoposto. It’s polished, pure, balanced and vibrant, with very Pinot Noir-esque strawberry and rhubarb core of flavors surrounded with some milk-chocolate and great damp-wilderness character some folks call ‘forest floor’.  The palate showed seductive roundness and silky volume. Medium-to-full bodied, strong through the midpalate with a little bitterness (the ‘amaro’ part of the negroamaro) speaking out in the finish. Sexy, but not spoofy.

At 13%ABV, this is an easy choice to enjoy with simple Southern Italian fair – tomato sauces, chewey pastas, roast or fricasseed fowl or rabbit. In Burgundy or Santa Barbera, you’d be lucky to find this level of satisfaction at twice the price.

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