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Orange Wine

March 5, 2009


~$40US/500mL, 100% Ribolla Gialla, Venezia Giulia IGT

I’ve been waiting to try this bottle for awhile now, and it certainly was worth the wait. It’s made with Ribolla Gialla grapes, which tend to yield yellowy-golden white wines.

But this is not.

It’s orange.

And it has tannins. And it smells and tastes absolutely singular. I wont break down the other sensory attributes for a couple of reasons  – it’s beyond me to dissect the ever-changing-complexities, and doing so would be a disservice to the wine itself.  It lived and breathed through the majority of a multi-course meal, especially with white-bean agnolotti. It had the most dainty little cork, and left us wanting more.

This is a wine of discovery and classicism, it pushes new boundaries and elevates the past. It was like sharing dinner with a new friend who had just returned from a long adventure.

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  1. Zinifera permalink
    June 1, 2009 8:18 pm

    I don’t know who you are, where you hail from or what your background is in wine, but you write about it as though your fingertips are all paintbrushes, each contributing to the depth of a work of art, brought together by a unilateral viewpoint: the love of this bottle. I am driven by your eloquence, heartened by your experience and my tastebuds have ignited in my mouth with your extraordinary description the way my love of wine has exploded in my soul. Keep up the tasting and never once hesitate to write about it as you have many talents, from the glass to the pen. I wish I was that friend at the table. Cheers.

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