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Old World-Roundup

January 22, 2009

Mas Amiel ‘Notre Terre, Cotes du Roussillon Villages, 2002: In a beautiful place right now – evolving beyond the primary fruits into a keen balance of rich tobacco and leather, with blackberry and lavender. Like walking though a forest, picking wild berries.

Gysler, Sylvaner Halbtrocken, Rheinhessen 2007: Like a really-ripe-souped-up Sancerre, showing plenty of rocks and grass and citrusy snap. This is gunna sound absolutely absurd, but it seemed just really winey. A Great liter value – I’ll buy more in the summer.

Lis Neris, Pinot Grigio, Friuli, 2007: Rich golden color, and smelled like walking into a bakery, with apple tarts and walnuts and something just got brûléed. Quite weighty and leesy and delicious with pasta. I’m not typicaly a Pinot Grigio Dude, but this bottle was wicked-good and oceans away from ye olde Santa Margarita.

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