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Descendientes de J. Palacios, Corullon, 2001

April 1, 2008

vi_1065456_zoom.jpg 100% Mencia, Bierzo Spain

Captivating aromas; leather mixed herbal qualities (basil/anise) and plums. At this point – it’s about 50/50 fruit/non-fruit on the nose, which is right up my alley…It was unique – but had some Rioja and Chianti-Classico characteristics if I had to pick points of departure.

On the palate – this wine is beautifully medium-bodied and forms a totally clean and resolved structure. Formal, elegant and finessed. Complex and slightly firm – this wine is still young and has another 2-4 years of upside potential. Refreshing, with everything fitting together with lift and energy – The finish recalls rocky soils with mineral-tinged flavors. Fantastic food wine.

Update: I left 1 glass in the bottle, vacuumed it, and come back the next day – the wine evolved a Pinot-like softness and lushness while maintaining the flavor characteristics, elegance and finish stated above.

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