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The Foundry Viognier, South Africa, 2006

January 29, 2008

~$16US, 100% Viognier, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Pale gold. Very, very shy on the nose, even at room temperature, and after considerable time. A little pear and some peach nectar, and if I really try, maybe some weird steel and floral notes. It does have a nice fresh mouthfeel and overall palate balance – brisk acidity and an extremely satisfying, oily finish.  The palate feels very pure and clean, with a clear mineral-driven core. I like what I taste, but I grabbed a viognier because it’s typically an aromatic variety, and ironically, the only shortfall of this wine is the aromatics.

At present time it’s a closed book.  I don’t have a lot of experience with older viogniers, but I think this will develop into a more open and generous wine in 3-5 years. Because of the balance, finish, and “feel”, I believe the wine-making to be excellent – but the climate or vineyard might not be ideal for the variety – or it simply might be too young. A real head-scratcher.It has the potential for excellence, but just not yet…I  bet their syrah is very interesting.

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