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R Winery: First Class Shiraz 2005, South Australia

November 17, 2007

first_class_shiraz.jpg ~$25US, 100% Shiraz, South Australia

When it comes to wine, expectations can really mess with you. Sometimes you pick a wine (for whatever reason) and when you drink it, it rocks you, surprises you, or falls flat on it’s face. Other times, you pick a wine drink it and it just delivers the goods. I heard that Chris Ringland had a few mid-price Shiraz projects in the pipeline, and when I saw it on the shelf, I nabbed it, knowing full well that this was probably a ridiculously-alcoholic-palate-hijacking-full-throttle-fruit-bonanza. But hey, it’s Friday.

Color: Black, with a purple rim
: Skittles, plum pie filling, alcohol, vanilla ice-cream, lipstick, ganache
Palate: Big, ripe and round, port-like in its sweetness. Fair acidity and alcoholic heat keep things in order, as the tannins are well-mellowed. This is an intense palate assault – it just moshes in your mouth, hitting all the tastebuds, especially the tip of the tongue. It’s like the stuff inside the purple Gushers. Fun stuff.
Finish: Very long and oily. The alcohol bites with little bitterness. Black pepper and a peroxide note linger.

It delivered.

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