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Isabel Sauvignon Blanc 2002

October 24, 2007

isable1.jpg~US$20 100% Sauvigonon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand

How does a great Sauvignon Blanc drink after 5 years?

Color: Very pale, some tiny bubbles
Nose: Fragrant – Mangos, pineapple, green tomatoes, some creamy notes as well
Palate: A flash of bright, fresh acidity, more mango and pineapple, canned sweet peas (Le Sueur) showing big on the midpalate
Finish: Short and abrupt, Asian plum candy

I have to admit, I haven’t had too many NZ Sauv blancs older than a few years, but I feel that this Isabel was unfortunately past it’s prime. While the nose showed a typical tropical flair, with some interesting green vegetable notes, the palate fell flat. The youthful zest and zing I usually expect with this wine was absent, and little else developed in it’s place. I hope to try an ’06 to compare.

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