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Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel 2005

October 8, 2007

88638l.jpg~$17US Mostly Zinfandel / A little Petit Sirah, Sonoma California

Rich deep purple color. Totally candy-store on the nose; Skittles, Spree, Jollyranchers.Full-bodied on the palate. 15.2% alcohol (noticeable) with some oak and medium tannins keep this a few more steps away from grape Kool Aid. Mixed blackberries, raspberries and Sprees, all stewed together with a few pine-needles. A strange waxy note, like a box of crayons shows up in the mid-palate. Fun and easy to drink, especially after a little of the alcohol blew off (45 minutes?). More of a cocktail wine than a meal-pairing one.

Party Juice! Big fruit and a great wine to share with friends. A benchmark over-the-top style Zinfandel, under $20.

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